Which opinions are given?

The outcome of the inspection determines whether the educational institution retains its recognition or not. There are two possibilities:

Favourable opinion:  

  • Favourable opinion without major shortcomings.
  • Favourable opinion with the obligation to address the shortcomings. There is no deadline and no follow-up by the Inspectorate.  For the next audit the shortcomings can be mentioned in the audit focus.

Unfavourable opinion:

  • Unfavourable opinion with the possibility of not starting the procedure for withdrawal of the recognition, provided the school board commits to calling on assistance from external parties to eliminate the shortcomings. If the school board invokes the right not to initiate this procedure and to have itself assisted by external parties, a new audit will be carried out after a term specified by the inspectorate in the audit report. This term depends on the seriousness and nature of the shortcomings.
  • Unfavourable opinion with the obligation to undergo the procedure for withdrawalof the recognition. The school board can appeal this obligation.  Within 60 calendar days following submission of the appeal, the appeal audit is carried out by a new audit team.